One View ‘will protect you’

Stinger DSI in binnenspiegel
Stinger DSI in rearview mirror


More and more dashboards of vehicles are constructed in a way that it is almost impossible to add anything to it. Everything is integrated and shaped in a way that additions  do not fit or are  not nice to see. Because of these problems we have found a solution to keep the dashboard as original as possible. With this solution there are no peripherals on the dashboard and is road safety guaranteed.

With special techniques the mirror is modified and the optional information display can be placed behind it. With some devices the control buttons will be processed in the mirror housing too.

With only one view  you can see what is going on around you while you keep your sight on the road. Whether it is the display of your radar detector, navigation, reversing camera kit, it can all be fixed in your existing interior mirror.


–              Traffic safety will increase, because of display visibility.

–              You can always keep your eyes on the road ahead.

–              Theft sensitivity decreases.

–              No unsightly wires and brackets on dashboard.

–              No more annoyance of disconnecting the display or monitor.



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